Astor Window Display - WHY WE LOVE CRAFT SPIRITS

window-1window-4My latest window for Astor Wines & Spirits was based around a beautiful copper pot still I had the chance to borrow from the wonderful people at Caledonia Spirits, based in Vermont. Astor Center had hosted a craft spirits event in August, where Caledonia Spirits featured their amazing Barr Hill Gin, whose base is derived from their self-produced honey. When I saw their pot still standing regally by their tasting station, I knew I wanted it for my next window. I decided to go for a hand-crafted approach to match the spirits, building shelves to evoke an apothecary with jars of ingredients next to the spirits which contained them. I started with a sketch, and then the hunt began on acquiring the props. "Where can I find Gentian?" was a question I had to answer for myself - the answer is Dual Specialty, an amazing spice shop on 1st ave and 5th street in the East Village. I found pretty much everything I needed there!

My brother Thor was visiting at the time, and was kind enough to help me out a little. Thank you big brother!workprogress