April In Paris Window Display for Astor Wines & Spirits

ImageImageThis past weekend I worked all Sunday to put together the new window display for Astor Wines & Spirits. The theme was 'April in Paris'. Naturally, the first thing I thought of was people sitting outside enjoying themselves in a cafe. You can't walk 5 meters in Paris without coming across a cafe with plenty of tables on the sidewalk. The funny thing is how all the chairs are turned outwards towards the sidewalk - I guess people-watching is the national sport of the french! I painted the backdrop to look down Rue St. Dominique, at the point where it crosses Boulevard La-Tour Mabourg. I was feeling nostalgic - I used to live in a tiny tiny apartment on Boulevard La-Tour Mabourg, next to a fishing supplies shop run by two friendly guys who would always wave hello to me. 

Anyways, the snowmen from the previous window had to go - in the photo above they're waiting to be melted in Astor's dumpsters.