Erdenlied - Mahler's drink of choice?

At the moment I'm working on label designs for a set of wines under the name ERDENLIED, named after Gustav Mahler's beautiful symphony "Das Lied der Erde", or "Song of the Earth". I'm thrilled to be working on this, not only because I get to sample the product while working ;) but also because I've been drawing a lot of inspiration from the arts produced in the society that grouchy old Mahler lived in - early 20th century Vienna. Mahler was just one of many characters in the eccentric cast of artists that populated the city at the time - in fact I could write a whole blog about the lives of these people and their relationships (and by that I mean Alma Mahler, that scandalous hussy!) Anyways, below you can see the labels:

Here are a couple of concept sketches that didn't make the cut:

This wine will also be up for sale eventually at