Emeco Superlight Chair

When I was still in school, I took an amazing class withNoel Claro called "Illustration Beyond the Page". The class was just that - we were encouraged to think about how illustration doesn't have to be limited to a two-dimensional surface. Our final project was a collaboration with Design Within Reach and Emeco. We were given Emeco Superlight chairs to do what we wanted with - and two students out of the class would be picked to have their chairs exhibited in Design Within Reach's window, then to be placed in the permanent collection of Emeco's Design museum in Hanover PA. In return we would be given a chair of much greater value. I was beyond thrilled when my chair was picked! The idea behind my chair was to create many layers of color, and sand through the layers in an arbitrary way to reveal the 'precious' shiny silver metal of the chair as the very last layer.